Friday, October 31, 2008

P90X - Day 16 - Bringing It Solo


Day 16

So, today my friend had a family matter that kept him from coming and "Bringing It" this morning. No problem, though, because I brought It with me and I'm hoping to drop It off.

Cardio X - a fun 50 minutes. I almost mean that. I think I pushed a little harder since my friend wasn't here to push, just to be sure I was pushing.

I felt good afterward - felt like I was starting to get in the swing of things.

My back did bother me somewhat. Seems to have worsened a little yesterday and it's a little better today, but certain things I definitely hurt trying to do.

I have to say, I'm definitely looking very forward to not bringing it next week. At the same time, I have this desire to hurt myself and the thought of Phase II is enticing. Won't be too long now.

I went ahead and braved the scale today - I'm down two more pounds! 189. Feels pretty good, but I wish I could see a difference. They guys at work are always encouraging, which definitely helps. I'm sure having a hard time with this diet, though. I called my friend tonight to tell him I was quitting the diet. It's just so hard to really eat when you have to avoid carbs so much. I need some fricking energy!

He talked me into more or less sticking with it. I thought he was my friend. Oh well, it's only another 74 days.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

P90X - Day 15 - Moving Forward


Day 15

I feel a little bit sluggish today, but still a HUGE improvement over Saturday. I feel a bit rejuvenated. It's amazing how great eating right for a change can make you feel.

To make up for eating right, I made sure to keep much more to my diet today. Actually, it's fallen into place a little more now that I kind of have a gauge of what I can eat VS what I wish I was eating.

Also today my friend gave me some great hope - one more week until the rest week and the end of Phase I. Oh, except that the rest week has my new least favorite exercise routine - Yoga X - at least 3 times. Not so much looking forward to that part. After the "rest" week, we'll be stepping it up a couple notches with Phase II. Oh, you can bet I'm really looking forward to that.

Today was Core Synergistics again and, while it's still hard, I'm keeping up better with it. The hour goes by pretty quickly and I replace my obvious hatred of it with beautiful sarcasm. My friend and I joke about how much we love that particular exercise and how much we're looking forward to the next one. We're so lucky! They loaded that whole routine with all of our favorites. There's not much I can think of that we would have added to make it even better. However, the DVD seems to have figured out a way. No kidding, somehow there were 3 NEW exercises. This is our third time doing this and neither of us have EVER seen these on this DVD. We kept waiting for Tony to explain to us that we've magically unlocked these "bonus" parts since it's our third time through, just so we can "Bring It" a little longer. No such luck. The "bonus" chapters remain a mystery. Oh yeah, they're terribly difficult as well.

After pounding out this wonderful workout and finishing with the pleasant surprise I'm really feeling pretty good. Of course, the day is still young...

P90X - Day 14 - Nice


Day 14

My wife and I spent the night at a place that was hands down the best place we've ever stayed. Excellent 7 course dinner (yep, diet be damned - I'm eating!) and an unbelievable 5 course brunch the next day. Amazing food. I enjoyed every little bit of it. I also enjoyed a proper super chocolate mousse desert.

Since Sunday is my choice (haha, like this is hard) of a rest day or Stretch X for the program. Since I'd eaten so well I, of course, decided to work off the wonderful food by exercising my eyes watching TV and enjoying a proper day off.

After yesterday's fiasco, I definitely needed a nice catch-up day and a couple of diet breaker meals to really focus on this workout program. Now I'm rested and ready for tomorrow...

P90X - Day 13 - This sucks


Day 13

So, today was my absolute worst day ever. I felt like I was in slow motion. I even got out of sync on the jumping jacks because my legs weren't obeying my instructions - one of them just kind of drug on the ground instead of getting off the floor and out where it should have been.

It was Kenpo and, although it's usually hard work, I usually like it. Not so today. I averaged about 1/3 of the reps and keeping up. Simply no power. I felt like this was my third workout of the day.

I didn't have to go to work today for a change, so I was almost looking forward to the workout. That is, until I started. 7AM and I start the warm up like normal, only I simply don't seem to be able to do anything. I felt like I was punching and kicking in water up to my neck. It was incredibly deflating.

My mind started looking for things to blame and I came up with a few possible factors: I didn't eat as much as I should have the last two days, I ate later than I should have last night, I went to bed much earlier than I hoped (earlier this morning, that is), and I "Brought It" so hard yesterday that my left leg literally tried to collapse when I was kicking with my right today (I was actually having to put my hand on my thigh hard to help support my leg).

This is absolutely the worst day I've had doing this and the worst I've felt in months. I guess I need to be more careful.

Fortunately I'm heading out of town with my wife for a quick getaway this afternoon. I wonder what I'll eat...

Friday, October 24, 2008

P90X - Day 12

Day 12

Today I started out afraid.

These back pains I've mentioned before are really interfering with certain exercises, but I must push it and work this back so that eventually these ab targeted workouts work my abs. Hopefully that's all it is. I've had this kind of thing for years, but I'm bummed that it's hitting me now that I've got "It" with me.

Legs and back is the name of the game today and we got to do those killer against the wall 90 degree one leg holds and such. There were also some great other things there that are a real treat, let me tell you. I'm not going to spoil it for you. I hope you get to try it out for yourself, then you can cry on my shoulder. I'm feeling man enough now to let somebody cry on my shoulder, I think. Thanks P90X!

Anywho, I think I was rolling maybe a 60/40 set today. About 60 percent of the brutal exercises I beat out last week's reps. Many I even beat out by quite a ways. That 40 percent - well, that's the exercises that beat me worse this time than last time.

For the pull-ups/chin-ups I was 50/50. I tried using some double up workout bands and stepped back and knelt down just to get enough reps, since I certainly wasn't really bringing anything to the pull-up bar today.

Nice thing today though - Ab Ripper X!!! Yes, I forgot how much I hated that!

The back was really bothering me today, but I really pushed myself. Did about 70/30. versus day 10. The absolute hardest thing here is not the crazy sit-up inside a sit-up thing that I can only do 5 out of 25 of, but rather this legs up back up making a floating situp position and then swinging over your left then right with your hands clasped together in front of you and bringing your hands down to touch left, then right to equal one rep. This is done rapidly and the goal is no less than 40. I did 16 today with short breaks of 5 seconds or so in between a spurt. The best part about it is that it's the very last routine. By that point, I have no idea where I put "It", but I swear I brought it with me...

P90X - Day 11 - Or Until I Hurt Myself...


Day 11

Denied. Just when I was feeling like I was already seeing improvement, my two distant relatives Yoga and Pain arrive and ruin the day.

Now, I've already mentioned how the word 'Yoga' doesn't really belong in the name of what this crazy stretching and agony is. Well, did you ever know anyone that hurt themselves doing Yoga?!?! How about hurting themselves twice in completely different areas in the same Yoga session? Yeah, I thought not.

So there it was. Yoga X. And it is one bad dude. It's actually the thing I'm most afraid of now.

You've heard of people standing on their hands before, I'm sure. Now, imaging squatting on your hands, and then kneeling on your elbows at the same time. Yes, that is an accurate description of a real Yoga X treat called "Crane". I think it's not Crane the bird, but rather a crane and wrecking ball. If you're not careful, you'll be able to compare your head hitting the floor as you lose your balance to a wrecking ball smashing down your favorite ancient landmark or wonder of the world.

Yeah, well, that's not how I got hurt. When I gave my shoulder a nice hurting I was tring just to bring my hands together and lock my fingers. Of course, I was standing in some incredibly awkward lunge with a held in place 90 degree left leg leading, while I was leaning forward and twisting to the right and trying to reach under my left thigh to grab my right hand that's behind my back. Yes, I'm serious. I'm sure you can imagine that that may be uh, ... uncomfortable. You're right. There was a pop and a stretch followed by some significant pain. Somehow, trying to work it out, things seemed to slip back into place or something and I was not disabled longer than a few minutes. Now there's only minimal soreness and a clicking sound as I rotate it that I didn't remember having before. Turns out my other arm clicks too. Hmmm....

Then I hurt my lower back on the left side. What was I doing? I think I was stretching my leg. Maybe a little too much gusto. Ouch. Curiously, it, like my shoulder, seemed to heal itself after the significant pain subsided after a few minutes. I never completely stopped the routines - my friend would have though I was a wuss.

All said and done - both my friend and I had the same overall summary of Yoga X today. Worse than last time. And we're doing this for 79 more days...

P90X - Day 10


Day 10

Today was Arms and Chest, followed by my favorite enemy - Ab Ripper X.

It's Wednesday. I've been more tired this week, that's for sure, but I'm dead set on continuing to "Bring It".

I've also been pretty good on the diet, but I have snuck a couple 'allowed' foods at unallowed times. I blame the whole Sunday thing for these issues I've developed.

So I'm hitting all the crazy stuff that this DVD's throwing at me, but I feel like I'm dragging. On paper, though, I'm hitting better nubmers than I was last week on Day 3. Good reps. I do have a growing fear, though, that I'm getting to where I'm able to really hurt myself now. I can do more reps of everything and I'm definitely noticing a difference there. But that's the bad news, too. It's much easier to destroy your body when you do 20 of a thing that you were never supposed to do, instead of only 10. It's a vicious, vicious cycle.

Also, my keen pain receptors are noticing something. Something's weird here. I do these exercises that are supposed to really work my abs and I don't even feel it in the abs. I feel it in the lower back to the right and left of the spine. My back seems to tighten, then I can't really breathe, then it starts to really hurt and I feel like my spine's trying to become a 90 degree hinge from the pressure. Besides the typical ab workouts (like Ab Ripper X), anything where I have to raise a leg is causing some discomfort and increases difficulty. Particularly anything where I have to hold both legs off the ground (those are probably considered ab exercises, but I don't know because mine don't seem to be affected) causes a quick breakdown in the back and affects me in the other routines from that point on. I talked to another friend that's a certified personal trainer and he suggested that I simply have a weak back. I'm not too surprised, because I've had minor back issues since I hurt it when I was a kid. I think there's a warning before P90X that say something about avoiding this program if you have back problems.

Anyway, after making my whole body feel like it's a sandbag and it belongs on the floor, I get to do battle with the Ab Ripper. I actually keep up with the first couple routines - doing full reps and feeling like I'm "Bringing It". I'm not actually sure what "It" is, but I'll keep making sure I have "It" with me so when I get where "It's" going I'll be able to put "It" down and finally forget about "It". Short story long, after hitting the first few I start to lose momentum. My back is really slowing me down here. I find that even resting 5-6 seconds is enough, so I kind of plow through the rest in spurts. At the end, there's only my friend and I both lying on the ground - both motionless for a solid minute laughing maniacally.

Can't wait for tomorrow...